United States 2
OPENING 28 JUNE!!Server International - is a Fresh new server. We offer 30x/30x/25x rates, Max level 185/65, Max Aspd 193, Item Drop 10x, Card Drop 10x, MVP and MiniBoss Card 0,01%. Experience intense Pvp & Woe, Join Us Now and experience fun!

Play Ragnarok Zombie

Germany 0
Play Ragnarok Zombie is a classic Server freezes at EP-5 for the main server - The Server published on April-2019 - Our goal is to reflect the feeling and the experience of the old days of Ragnarok Online - Your characters information and items are protect..

RagnaStart - Pre Renewal - 255

Brazil 2
Rates 30x/30x/100x Pre-Renewal Lvl Max 255/80 (por quest) Campal 100% Funcional Carta MvP e Mini Boss 0.35% Sem Itens Custom Hats Visuais Quests Rotativas Eventos Diários Pack Guild Player/Woe Gepard Shield Backup Diário Staff Ativa ..

Ares Ragnarok online

Spain 0
Max Lvl 255/120 ll Rates 200x 160x 100x ll (Pre-Renewal) ll Cambio de Auras ll PvP ll Battleground Extended by Vykimo ll Woe con premios ll Recompensas diarias ll Contenido propio ll Gepard Shield ll Proteccion anti DDoS ll Staff activo la mayor parte de..

New Loki Ragnarok Online Renewal

United States 0
Coming Soon ! • Episode: 14.1 Bifrost • Midrate Server • Renewal 3rd job • Max Lvl 175/60 • FB Group

RagnaFox Abertura dia 16/12/2018

Brazil 0
PACK INICIANTE Lv999 Lv250 FULL QUEST CUSTOM Staff ativa Comunidade ativa DS WOT Poring Hunter Aluguel de Casas WOE1 WOE2 e Babys E muitos outros eventos exclusivos MUITAS QUESTS, venha conferir


Brazil 0
Rates Full PvP | Máx Lv 999/300 | Status 600 | Aspd 197 | Delay 0 | Sem 3rd | Sistema de Presença | Super Pack Guild | Itens Donate e VIP Por Voto | Muitos Itens Visuais | WoE Bruta | GM Ativo | Eventos Automáticos Durante Todo o Dia | Sistema de Raça ..

Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online

United States 0
🛑 WARNING: NOT INTENDED FOR LAZY PLAYERS ✅ LOW RATE 3x EXP | 3x DROP ✅ PURE GRIND & FARM 🚫 No Trans Job | No 3rd Job 🆕 PLAY on PC or ANDROID MOBILE 🆕 EP 6: GLOBAL PROJECT (Amatsu / Kunlun) 🆕 1st Job | 2nd Job | Extended Job Only. ..

PeachLychee RO

Singapore 0
Level Base 175 / Job 60 Rate : 8000x / 8000x / 3000x - Renewal - Gepard 3.0 - Max Stats :130 ~ Max ASPD :196 Mob Drop> Etc/Card/Eq: 100%>80%>100% Mini-Boss/MvP Drop> Etc/Card/Equip>70%>5%>30% Facebook :



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