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WALANG IBUBULSA! SA SERVER LAHAT! Ano ba ang hinahanap niyooo? 255/120 Server? Dito na PvP at Quest Server also hunt server at siguradong tatagal ang server basta't kasama kayo. ❤FB Group: Daily WoE 8:00PM - 9:00PM (Every Day) [Server will Started: May 9, 2019(BETA). May 11, 2019 of 12:01PM (GRAND OPENING] [DELU Ragnarok Online] ❤Unfrozen And Agi based (Disabled Valkyrie Randgris card) ❤70 Peak Players [First 50 Players Will have Full Pack Supplies from GM] ❤Max Levels: 255/120 ❤Transcendent Classes ❤Max Stats: 255 ❤Max Aspd: 196 ❤Instant Cast: 140 Dex ❤Max HP and SP :1,000,000HP and 6,000SP ❤Farm/Hunt/Quest and PvP Server ❤Donation Items Can QUEST ❤All job Are very useful (1 Hand Bow and Gun) ❤ACTIVE GM ❤20Max Guild Capacity ❤Healer (Agility and Blessings) ❤You Can Register by _M or _F ❤Disabled 2 Ifring Rings ❤Gold Room ❤MvP Warper ❤Daily Fun events (automated and GM events) ❤Yggdrasil Berry (0.5s Cooldown) ❤Cold Medicine 25% heal HP and SP (0.2 Cooldown) ❤No overpowered Donates and Items ❤Many Quest Items (Easy Quest to Hard Quest) ❤Costume Has a Minimal Effect ❤Lighthalzen Cards 1% Drop Rate ❤Rare Mvp Card Drop rate 2% ❤MvP Card drop rate 20% ❤Normal Card drop rate 50% ❤Freebies (Solo Gpack for Solo and Gpack for one Guild) ❤ADv Anti DDos Protection ❤SoloGpack/Freebies (NPC) (Bound Account) -2x DeluRO Set -Golden Thief Bug Card -Lady Tanee Card -Tao gunka Card -Ghostring Card -Deviling Card And Maya card -Moonlight Flower Card -4x Turtle General Card -3x Phreeoni Card -Megingjard (+10 Vit, Str, Agi, Int, Luk) -Set (Str, Int, Vit, Agi, Luk) - 20x YGG BOX 10 Gold Coin -10x Bubble Gum -10x Box of Poison Bottles ❤Gpack (Maximum of 10 Members) (I Give it into Guild Master)(No Dual = BAN!) -1x Gloom Undernight Card -2x Grimtooth -2x Combat Knife -4x Ifrit Card -100x Box of Poison Bottles -500 YGG Box, 500 Box of Thunder (Per Player) - 100Mithril Coin (Guild Master) ❤Website: ❤Lite Installer:…/Delu+Ragnarok+Online+%28Lite+Ins… ❤Full installer:…/Delu+Ragnarok+Online+%28Full+Ins…



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